Back to travel

I had a nice 3 weeks at home, but last week I hit the road again. We had a big internal conference in Atlantic City last week. It was very nice as I got to meet many people I had only been on the phone with, as well as some folks I used to work with at my prior company that had also moved over to the firm. It was great!

Home for a little while!

I'm wrapping up two consecutive weeks at home - how nice! And for now there is no travel scheduled for next week. I am committed to travel the following week, but it sure is nice to have some time at home, especially with all the projects here on the home front (pool, pool house). Let's hope all goes smoothly and nothing pops up at the last minute next week.


Travel woes

My travel of late has been terrible. Less than 20% of my flights have been on time, I've been diverted once and stranded overnight in Dallas twice, just in the first half of the year! I hope I've gotten all my bad luck out of the way now and things will be smooth for the 2nd half of 2019! Here's hoping.


MISMO Spring Summit 2019

I'm a little late posting, but I was in Milwaukee, WI last week at the MISMO Summit. Good topics and great to see all my friends in the Housing Finance industry. Some good news and the $2MM that the Mortgage Bankers Association is investing in MISMO is being put to good use. I'm looking forward to the big Fall Summit later this year. As always, it will be in the DC area. Tyson's Corner again this year.


San Diego trip

I just got back from San Diego last night for a work trip. Travel was relatively smooth - had a tight connection in Dallas going out on Monday, but I made it. Return was on time and no issues. While there in the Mission Valley area, it was mostly cloudy and we got quite a bit of rain Wednesday afternoon. Pretty unusual for the area. I worked the whole time, so the trip was pretty boring. But we got some good work done so that is always good.


Travel postings

I typically post my travel on Facebook where it is only seen by people on my friends list. As I might one day get so fed up with Facebook's privacy violations and general bad behavior, I may shift most of my stuff here. However since this is public, I won't be posting in real time or in advance. I'll try posting once my travel is complete and see how that goes.


More updates

I just ran a security update for Drupal (8.7.1) with no functional changes. I'm also slowly but surely updating the server operating systems to Fedora 30. This will be done over time, so you might see the occasional outage. Typically not more than 20 minutes or so, and I'll try to be judicious with the timing. Thanks for your patience!