Certificate renewal - Zimbra

Gmail on my Android phone had quit picking up new mail from the Zimbra server - I had forgotten to renew the self-signed certificate on the server instance! The Web server automatically updates (thanks, LetsEncrypt!), but I have to manually update the server side. So if you use IMAP to get mail in a different client rather than the web client, you may have had similar issues. Note that with a new self-signed cert, the Android GMail app gets stuck in a loop trying to refresh the cert, so you have to delete the whole account and then set it back up.

OS updates

I'm progressively updating all the base operating systems that are currently running Fedora to version 31, just released earlier this week. I will be taking it slowly as I ensure things aren't broken. So far the DMZ web server, the NextCloud host VM and the database VM are all successfully updated. That means this site, the forums, and the photo gallery are all fine now (there of course was a brief outage), and the NextCloud instance is also good. I will continue the updates, but most of the rest of the updates shouldn't affect anything public internet facing.

Photo gallery update

Today I updated the photo gallery software (Piwigo) to version 2.10.1 This is a fairly significant release with changes to the admin console and lots of other functional and UI changes. You can read about the changes to 2.10 here in the release notes for 2.10.0, and also the bug fixes in 2.10.1. I also changed the default theme to Modus, which is more modern and responsive - it's described in the release notes. As always you can change the theme used for yourself in your user settings.

Cruise recovery

We got back Monday from our Mexican Riviera cruise - 7 days of bliss aboard the Norwegian Bliss! The return trip was not as much fun, with an unplanned overnight stay in Dallas (tornadoes and cancelled flights!), but we all made it safely. I'm back in the work saddle now and will enjoy this weekend. I'm running a few updates, but I hope that things stay pretty smooth.


Back to travel

I had a nice 3 weeks at home, but last week I hit the road again. We had a big internal conference in Atlantic City last week. It was very nice as I got to meet many people I had only been on the phone with, as well as some folks I used to work with at my prior company that had also moved over to the firm. It was great!

Home for a little while!

I'm wrapping up two consecutive weeks at home - how nice! And for now there is no travel scheduled for next week. I am committed to travel the following week, but it sure is nice to have some time at home, especially with all the projects here on the home front (pool, pool house). Let's hope all goes smoothly and nothing pops up at the last minute next week.